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What a privilege and honor to spend time with so many hundreds and hundreds of families over these many years...I have been lucky to see many of the children grow up!  I have kept in touch with so many of my precious families and "followed" them through the years.  I am one blessed teacher ;-).  Please consider being a part of this studio in the fall.  Your child will be blessed and so will I!   Classes are held in Highland Village and Flower Mound, TX.  Serving Highland Village, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Corinth, Denton, Lantana and any surrounding suburb.  


It's going to be great! 


NEW LOCATION!  MONTESSORI COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL!  Come out to the "country" on Fridays for a 9:00 toddler class or a 10:15 baby class! Located on Hawk Road in Flower Mound, this is such a relaxing and beautiful place to come for music, and enjoy nature.  

All other classes besides keyboard are held at Yogi Kids on Churchill Dr. in Flower Mound near the library.  Keyboard classes are held in the Highland Village home studio.


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Miss Heidi's Musikgarten Studio
Recognized for Exemplary Service 


Musikgarten, the award-winning leader in early childhood music education has recognized a number of teachers for their outstanding Musikgarten studios and contributions to music education in their communities. 

Heidi Day of Miss Heidi's Musikgarten in Highland Village, TX was awarded The 2016 Musikgarten Exemplary Program Award. As one of only seventy-five programs in North America to receive this prestigious award, this recognition signifies that Miss Heidi's Musikgarten offers a full complement of Musikgarten classes for children from birth to 9 years old. 

“Parents know how important music education is and they choose Musikgarten specifically for our deeply researched, proven approach that helps nurture social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development in their children,” says Musikgarten founder, Dr. Lorna Heyge. 

Heidi Day was recognized during the 17th Annual Musikgarten Teacher Festival held August 21 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Teachers from all over the United States and Canada converged for three days of music-making and intensive training on topics ranging from the neuroscience behind music education to helping parents appreciate the importance of music as part of their child’s core learning. 

Based in Greensboro, NC, Musikgarten specializes in early childhood music and movement programs for children from birth to age 9 and group piano for both children and adults. The Musikgarten curriculum is widely recognized as essential in helping young children develop critical learning, social, emotional, and physical skills. 


Miss Heidi offers quality music classes using the distinguished Musikgarten curriculum for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers through age 5, as well as two pre-piano levels for older preschoolers and kindergartners age 5-6.  For the 6-9 year old student, a sequential 3-year group piano program is offered.  Our schedule of classes is found when you click the "Registration" tab, then click on the season you are interested in.  


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Research has shown that we are all born with an aptitude for music, but that aptitude diminishes if it is not actively nurtured between the ages of birth and nine.  


The Musikgarten curriculum is designed to develop your child's music aptitude by engaging children and their families in singing and movement activities which help tune the ear, refine the voice, and develop a rhythmic body through which music can be expressed.  These early childhood music classes create an environment that nurtures the whole child and promotes musical literacy in active, joyful and developmentally appropriate ways.  


I have chosen to teach Musikgarten because I believe it is the best early childhood music curriculum available.  It is based on a keen understanding of how children learn, in both a general sense and, specifically, how they learn music.  A child who begins with Musikgarten classes will be well prepared for instrumental instruction by age seven.  


Please let me know if I can answer any questions.  I'm excited about teaching this curriculum and would be honored to play a role in your child's musical development. 


Heidi Day



Why choose Musikgarten? 

We offer joyful experiences based on the latest research in early childhood and music education. 


We develop listening acuity as we build a repertoire of tonal and rhythm patterns necessary for reading and writing music. 


We are concerned with the development of the whole child, seeking to foster cognitive, motor, social, emotional and language skills, along with the child's musical development.


We provide a supportive environment that is loving, non-judgmental and non-competitive, enabling all children to flourish regardless of their level of music aptitude.


Our teachers have had extraordinary educational study with master teachers, including observation of demonstration classes, active participation and practice teaching, rather than internet or video instruction.


We recognize the very different developmental needs of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and early elementary-aged children, and have separate classes with age-appropriate curricula for each.

We use only the most exceptional materials, repertoire and instruments. Our instruments are specially designed to be safe and developmentally appropriate, and are made of natural materials.

We involve the family, allowing active music-making to become an integral part of family life.


Every Musikgarten semester comes with a set of At Home Materials. Each includes a book, CD, age appropriate instrument, and parent book. The classroom learning continues at home when you set aside time each day with your child to read, do unique, creative activities, or listen to music - all using the At Home Materials


Preparing your child for success in school and life means including your child's first and most important educator - YOU. As you participate in every step of the learning process, you'll see firsthand just how essential Musikgarten is to your child's growth.


We believe parents are the best educators. As your child grows, Musikgarten understands the development process taking place and provides information about this process during each class and via weekly communiques during the week.  Musikgarten can foster all aspects of your child's development while developing a natural sense of musical appreciation and capability. Register for a class or attend a free preview class!