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Music Makers at the Keyboard

6 years to 9 years

In this class, your child will develop the skills needed to begin a successful musical journey toward piano playing and musicianship.  We will make the transition to the keyboard comfortable and inviting for your child.  We will be using a curriculum that emphasizes the ear.  Years of experience has shown us that children best learn to read music when building on a strong foundation of listening skills and aural awareness. 
Individual private piano lessons may be traditional, but often end with children quitting out of frustration or boredom.  Group lessons allow children to develop an understanding of basic music literacy which helps them succeed in private lessons down the road. 
We include favorite songs, making learning easier.  Family involvement is a big part.  Parents play a vital role in establishing good practice habits at home.  This is facilitated with two excellent CD's for each level, together with games and ideas shared with parents in the Sharing Time at the end of each lesson.   


Musikgarten's sequential and comprehensive approach to piano interaction includes: 


Singing to increase repertoire and form positive associations with  repertoire through games and group song.  

Listening to important beginning piano repertoire by major composers in a variety of styles.  

Moving in complex dances with accuracy.  This leads towards an innate understanding of rhythm, phrasing, and form.   
Echoing, reading, and composing with tons and rhythmic patterns in duple, triple, major and minor in a variety of keys.   

Learning songs at the piano through familiarity with these patterns, and transposing the songs in a variety of keys. Previous musical experiences with this repertoire results in more expressive and accurate playing.  
Continuing to develop more complex and challenging ensembles which develop  listening and coordination.  Many piano students lack the opportunity to practice playing with other musicians.  
Improvisation within different keys, meter, and styles.  
Music history and theory.
Music Makers: At the Keyboard 
…is a group method.
…works well with 6 – 9 year olds.
…develops aural skills.
…involves children in singing and movement activities.
…is based on a repertoire of melodic, tonal, and rhythm patterns, and familiar songs.
…leads to true music literacy, enabling the child to “hear what s/he sees” and “see what s/he hears”.
…follows a careful sequence in teaching the children to read music, including notation  games, mystery songs, and dictation activities.
…provides a solid musical foundation for all subsequent music making.
…is a logical follow-up to early-childhood music classes.
…enables students to figure out how to play their favorite songs.
…starts in a five-finger position.
…helps students to aurally recognize patterns within songs and utilizes solfege as a means of naming and organizing those patterns.
…begins with a chord approach and encourages students to figure out the appropriate accompaniment as they begin to recognize melodic/harmonic relationships.
Piano is a wonderful foundation for the musical education you value for your child.  The Musikgarten philosophy is reflected in our goals: To awaken and nurture the musician inside of your child (and you!), to develop a positive relationship between your family and music, to lead every child to become musically literate.  This philosophy is also evident in the structure of our curriculum.  We value the advantages of group teaching only the beginning of which is more time and experience with concepts.  Peer interaction encourages students to teach each other as they learn how to teach themselves.  A “master class” style helps children learn how to articulate direct, positive, and thoughtful criticism, and more motivation to continue as part of “the band”.  
 These are exciting and challenging musical goals and to develop them I need your time and patience.  Please contact us with any questions regarding the curriculum.  I hope your child will join me on this exciting next step on the pathway to music literacy and musicianship! 

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